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Match Shaped Lighter

Match Shaped Lighter

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Made to look like the biggest match ever, this lighter is extra fun to use!

Refillable and adjustable, cute as pie.

Note: to make this product safe to ship, the lighter will arrive empty. You'll need to fill it with butane (available at hardware stores) for it to work. But don't worry, butane is quite affordable and it's easy to fill! The butane should come with a tip that looks like a tiny coffee straw. Hold the lighter with the red tip pointing to the ground, insert the straw into the round opening, and push gently to make the gas flow into the lighter. Just a second or two will fill it enough to use for a while. You should be able to see liquid if you look carefully at the window near the bottom of the lighter. Now you're a pro and can use and refill your lighter for years to come!

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